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Selling a home is one of largest financial transactions most people ever experience.

UNFORTUNATELY, many sellers initially underestimate the time commitment and complexity of the process. To be successful, a seller usually needs extensive marketing experience and access to trusted financial and legal counsel. Though the process can be undertaken independently, unless the seller is an expert, the For Sale By Owner route can be frustrating and potentially costly.

Finding the right real estate professional can make all the difference in the sale of your home. Here are 10 reasons to work with me to get the job done.

1. To Optimize The Sale Price
As a seller, you set the sale price, but ultimately it is the buyer who determines the property's value. We can help you properly price your home, which is often the most important factor in attracting the right buyers; priced incorrectly, your home may exclude good prospects and linger too long on the market. The longer a home remains listed, the less marketable it becomes as buyers wonder what may be "wrong" with it.

2. To Stage Your Home For Maximum Appeal
First impressions are critical for would-be buyers, which is why staging your home properly is instrumental to the success of your sale. Buyers want to imagine the home as their own, and prefer properties that seem "move-in ready." Often, the less they think they need to do to the property, the more they are willing to pay.

As a real estate sales professional, I will help you to see your home through a buyer's eyes. I can suggest simple improvements and repairs to maximize your home's appeal to the broadest base of buyers. Here are a few easy tips to attract and impress prospects.
"Clean Up" - Tidy homes show much better than untidy ones. Making sure your kitchen and bathrooms are spotless is key. Don't forget to straighten up closets and cabinets too, since buyers will usually open them. And be sure to mop and hardwood floors to make them really shine.
"Get Rid of Clutter" - Pack away personal items and pictures, and clear most tables and surfaces. De-personalizing your home will help buyers imagine themselves living there, and will maximize the perception of spaciousness.
"Take a Deep Breath" - Open the windows to let in some clean, fresh air, especially if you have pets.
"Make It Cozy" - If you have a fireplace, show it off by lighting it. Make sure the temperature of the home is comfortable enough to encourage buyers to linger.
"Create a Pleasant Impression" - Soft background music, candles and aromatic fresh-baked treats all add to the feeling of "home."

3. To Maximize Your Property's Exposure
Yard signs, online banner ads and open houses, while important, are no longer enough to bring serious buyers through your doors. In fact, according to the National Association of REALTORS™, "79% of real estate sales are the result of agent contacts through previous clients, referrals, friends, family and personal outreach. Nearly 94% of people surveyed claimed they were very satisfied with their agent's knowledge of the process and over 85% of sellers and 70% of buyers would use the same agent again in the future."

4. To Make Buyers Comfortable
Homes are very personal, and many buyers are often leery of intruding upon others' private space. Generally, it is more enjoyable to walk through and evaluate a home without the current owner present. And, many buyers are hesitant to make an offer when they know they will be negotiating directly with the owner. I as a professional, detached liaison put the buyer at ease and open channels of communication.

5. To Pre-Screen Prospective Buyers
Cleaning and vacating your home for every showing is a lot of work; you want to be sure the prospective buyers are serious. I will pre-screen buyers to ensure that they are really motivated and financially prepared to buy if your home suits them. This saves you time and the inconvenience of unnecessary traffic through your home. And, for your safety, all showings will be scheduled through Tom Crimmins Realty office.

6. To Help Guard Against Claims
Selling a home is a legal transaction. I can assist you with all the relevant disclosure forms you may need to provide to the buyer. In today's litigious society, it is imperative that all matters relating to the sale of the home, including its physical condition, history, zoning, etc., be accurately and comprehensively disclosed. Overlooking even the smallest detail could potentially lead to an expensive claim.

7. To Provide Buyers With Community Information
Today's buyers are discriminating. They want to make intelligent and informed decisions and therefore demand substantial information about the homes they consider buying. I can provide detail s about your community, schools, local government and much more, helping to make your property even more alluring.

8. To Ensure Privacy
No one likes the idea of random strangers knocking on their door and touring their home at hours of the day or night. The best way to protect your privacy and safety is to have me accompany buyers to your home. This way, I can supervise prospective buyers as they tour your property and be on hand to answer any questions that many arise.

9. To Negotiate Your Price and Terms
You want to sell it; they want to buy it. Now comes the tricky part: reaching an agreement and closing the deal requires complete objectivity and a thorough understanding of deeds, abstracts, offers, contingencies, disclosures, title searches and the like. Having a skilled negotiator like me in your corner may greatly improve your chance of selling your home at the optimal price.

10. To Gain Access To A Network of Buyers
Why saddle yourself with the risks and frustrations of selling your home alone when you can put the Tom Crimmins Realty Marketing Plan to work for you? In a world where guarantees are few and far between, I stand behind my dedication to you with service guarantees. I guarantee that my service to you will be professional, courteous and responsive in helping you on your path to buying and selling your home.

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